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Wiesbaden is the federal state of Hesse's capital. Around 560,000 people live in urban areas. Depending on your priorities, there are numerous good neighborhoods in town. Nerotal is widely regarded as the best neighborhood. The housing is luxurious and conveniently located on a small hill. It is only a short walk from the city center, so you can easily access some of the best cafes, restaurants, and shopping centers in town.

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Living and working in Wiesbaden

Biebrich is one of the best places to live if you want to live along the Rhyne River. Schloss Biebrich is located in this neighborhood. Other fantastic Wiesbaden neighborhoods include the Westend and Sedanplatzand.

The public transportation system is well-connected. A train from the central railway station will take less than an hour to reach Frankfurt. Train connections can also be used to access the beautiful countryside and low mountain range of Untertaunus. The town is well-connected to the German highway network. The Wiesbadener Kreuz, the Bundesautobahn (A 66), the Bundesautobahn 643 (A 643), and the Bundesautobahn 671 are among the most notable connections (A 671).

Relocation to Wiesbaden is an especially suitable and family-friendly town since it has a large number of schools. Wiesbaden High School, Helene-Lange School, and Frankfurt International School are among the most popular schools. If you are pursuing a degree, the town is home to colleges and universities such as Rheinmain University of Applied Sciences, Embry-Riddle Worldwide Wiesbaden, and EBS University of Business and Law.

Is It a Good Place to Work in Wiesbaden?

Ferrari, Abbot Laboratories, DXC Technologies, and Norwegian Cruise Line are among the many international companies headquartered in Wiesbaden. There are also many German companies with headquarters in town. SGL Carbon and KION Group are among them.


Living in Wiesbaden provides numerous employment opportunities. You can always find something to do, whether you are looking for work or a chance to start your own business. Wiesbaden has one of the most active economies in Germany. There are numerous large corporations, making it simple to find work.


When it comes to business, the city is adaptable. It is appealing to business owners not only because of its versatility but also because of the variety of businesses and industries. There are numerous businesses that have been in operation for over a century.


Wiesbaden's average salary is €52,990. Software developer, technical support specialist, quality assurance engineer, and intelligence analyst are some of the most common job titles. A technical support specialist's average salary is €48,000. A software developer's salary is €35,000.

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How to order the relocation service in Wiesbaden from us

Moovick is a one-stop shop that connects customers with on-demand, professional Service Providers for real-time moves and home renovations. If you're planning to pick relocation services in Wiesbaden, consider Moovick as your preferred moving company. Having said that, you should be aware that you have the option of selecting one of our three packages:

  • Economy,
  • Premium, as well as 
  • Business.

Each of these packages includes additional services to best meet your needs for your move to Wiesbaden such as taxes, fuel, a vehicle, and a driver. There is also a long list of other home improvement services available, which you can learn more about on the home page of our website. Please visit our website and contact our amazing team if you have a need for a relocation agency in Wiesbaden. 

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Do you provide insurance if movers break my things?

The joyful thing is, individual service providers on Moovick, providing relocation service to Wiesbaden, have their transport and liability insurance they provide on items they help you move. So, you can rest assured that you can safely use their services.

The insurance they provide covers any item breakage or damage costs, and you can check with them for further details. 

However, if you have really expensive items that you cannot risk a minor scratch on, you can otherwise opt for packaging service from our moving company Wiesbaden. Of course, it is at a higher cost, and they will take full responsibility for your belongings in and out.

Do you have a handyman or cleaning service?

Moovick offers an extensive resource of handyman and cleaning services, at your reach. Whether you are already living in, or, you are just relocating to Wiesbaden and you want some repairs and cleaning done best for you, we’d provide a bunch of handyman and cleaning services ready to answer your call at a snap. 

This range of services includes painting, gardening, junk hauling, and kitchen assembly. You can find a list of these providers on our homepage to make your bookings and get them to respond to your needs.

How should I pay and what are the payment methods?

Paying on Moovick is a cakewalk, so you have no trouble paying for your relocation.

Payment on Moovick can be made through either one of the three options listed below.

  • Credit card
  • iDEAL
  • SOFORT bank transfer

Do you want to use a credit card? 

It’s simple! All you have to do in just a few seconds is to provide your credit card details, card number, name, expiry date, CVV, and any other requested data. We would take it from there and request your credit card company to initiate the payment transaction. There you go! Simple as that!

Do you want to Pay with iDEAL instead?

You will be redirected to the website of the online provider iDEAL, once you select the payment method. There, you will provide your payment data, and validate your payment request by following the prompt. After which, we will ask iDEAL to initiate the payment process and then you are all set to go.

Don’t have iDEAL? Set it up from here.

Do you prefer a SOFORT bank transfer?

Using SOFORT, you will have to initiate the transfer process, and you will be redirected to the website of the ‘SOFORT bank transfer’ online provider to finish up the validation process as you would normally do. After finishing the process, Moovick will receive your payment and then you are good to go!

Can I postpone my moving date?

You can discuss adjustments to your moving plans with your mover and agree on a better date that would be convenient if you feel the preplanned date is not a great day to move.

The postponement is only achieved if the mover agrees and consents to shift the date, although, your next intended date might be difficult to achieve if another reservation is already been made for that day.

Can I book a handyman/mover for the same day?

Sure, you are more than welcome to do that! The flexibility of our services allows you to make requests and receive more than one service a day. You can in turn make bookings for your moving needs, handyman, and cleaning services at a go, all to be done on the same day.

Are there any extra fees I need to be aware of?

You are not obligated to any other extra charges once you have successfully made your bookings. In case of any additional services or on-site requests you make from our service providers, you are expected to fulfill every obligation behind it, as agreed between you and them.


💰Min moving price - 33 EUR 🤝Business services - available
💰Max moving price - 50 EUR 🌐Where to order the service -
🚚Other moving - Leipzig, Dortmund, Berlin, etc. 📲App - for Android, IOS
📍Short distance - up to 100km 💶How to make a payment - 100% or part of the booking amount
📍Long distance - more than 100km 💳Payment systems - debit and credit cards, online banking Sofort, Ideal, cash
🛠Additional services - cleaning, handyman, (dis-) assembly of furniture 🕐Working hours - set by the client

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