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If moving to Stuttgart, Germany is on your next to-do list - we encourage you to act upon it as it is a great city with a very high quality of life! If you’re worried about moving or relocating, feel free to consider moving companies in Stuttgart, Germany which will help you ease your moving process and decrease your stress. With professional relocation in Stuttgart, you will ensure a safe, secure, and flexible moving process. 

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10 reasons to move to Stuttgart

Moving to Stuttgart, Germany may just be the perfect decision. Here are 10 reasons why you should consider it:

Population that is diverse

The sixth-largest city in Germany is Stuttgart. According to the City of Stuttgart, persons from migrant backgrounds made up 45% of the 615,000 population as of the end of 2018, and they were from 170 different countries. In contrast, 37% of residents of Cologne, Germany's fourth-largest city (population 1 million), are of immigrant descent.

A cultural calendar that is packed

Residents of Stuttgart benefit from a vibrant cultural life thanks to the State Theatre, the State Gallery, and the State Opera. The four-day Summer Festival, which features a diverse music lineup, draws over 500,000 people each August. Visitors interested in automobiles can check out the Porsche and Mercedes-Benz museums, which house 80 and 160 vintage cars, respectively.

A great weather all year-round

Stuttgart's one characteristic you can count on is rain. The average number of rainy days in this city per year is 114.

The winters are overcast, chilly, and windy, and the summers are pleasant and warm. In Stuttgart, the temperature ranges from 33.8 °F (1 °C) to 66.6 °F (19.2 °C). With these temps, outdoor activities can be enjoyed all year long.

The economy

According to information from the country's central bank, Germany's unemployment rate, which stood at 5% as of the end of May, is practically at its lowest level in almost 30 years. According to statistics from the Stuttgart Job Center, Stuttgart's rate in April was 4%.

According to the most recent data available, the city's economy contributed 10.8% of Germany's gross domestic product in 2016. It serves as a focal point for the nation's automobile sector, housing the corporate offices of Bosch, one of the largest automotive component manufacturers worldwide, as well as Daimler (which owns Mercedes-Benz and Porsche).

Many English-Speaking People

Numerous multinational brands, like Porsche, Bosch, and Hewlett Packard, are based in Stuttgart. As a result, even the inhabitants speak English widely. Staff at restaurants or public services typically know English because there are many ex-pats in this area.

High Rate of Safety

Numerous multinational brands, like Porsche, Bosch, and Hewlett Packard are based in Stuttgart. As a result, even the inhabitants speak English widely. Staff at restaurants or public services typically know English because there are many ex-pats in this area.

Cost of living

Stuttgart's cost of living is still seen as acceptable. The anticipated monthly costs for a family of four, including rent, are €3,657; for a single individual, they are €1,985.

There are some recommendations you might make in Stuttgart to increase your financial savings:

  • Make a monthly spending plan.
  • For less expensive rent and housing, consider living outside the city center.
  • Utilize the free attractions available, such as the Christmas Markets, Public Library, and Höhenpark Killesberg.
  • Take the bus or train.
  • Request advice from your neighborhood friends regarding low-cost grocery outlets.

Jobs Available 

The prospects for employment in Stuttgart is one of the key factors that make it appealing to foreigners. There are around 4,500 businesses in the creative sector in Stuttgart, which has a number of important sectors. Here are some of the major industries for your reference in order to provide you with some insight into job opportunities:

  • Automotive, 
  • Aerospace,
  • electrical equipment, 
  • financial, 
  • IT, 
  • media, 
  • and creative industries.

Please don't forget to get employment before moving to Stuttgart with movers. This will enable you to speak with your company about the visa application, health insurance, and, if necessary, temporary housing.

Fun Local Events To Look Forward To

Stuttgart hosts four major events that you shouldn't miss. These include the Christmas Markets, the Spring Festival, the Summer Festival, and the Beer Festival. At these events, you can enjoy great food, entertainment, and lots of shopping booths. You can discover more about the local culture through festivals. Therefore, we constantly advise going to local events and celebrations! You can also anticipate the following festivals for more fun:

  • The Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Festival, 
  • the Weindorf Wine Festival, 
  • the Afrika Festival in Stuttgart,
  • and the Flammende Sterne Fireworks Festival.

There Are Several Methods of Transport

You can move around Stuttgart in a variety of ways, which is one of its best features. It boasts a first-rate public transportation system with many routes. In Stuttgart, using public transportation could be preferable to driving a car. There are several different types of public transportation available, including the S-Bahn and U-Bahn lines, trams, trains, and buses.

You may also enjoy biking around the city center. You can borrow a bike from the bike rental service if you don't have one.

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Do you provide insurance if the mover breaks my things?

Moovick connects you with a team of professional movers who are excellently accrued with the skill set to safely move your luggage and it's fragile to Stuttgart.  Our moving companies in Stuttgart have individual private liability insurance, so you can rest assured that you can safely use their services.

The insurance they provide covers any item breakage or damage costs. However, if you have really expensive items which you cannot afford a minor scratch on, you can otherwise opt for packaging service from the movers. Of course, it is at a higher cost, and the mover will take full responsibility for your belongings in and out.

Do you disassemble my furniture as well and assemble it when we arrive?

At Moovick, we offer flexible options for your transportation and relocation to Stuttgart. If you prefer to have us handle the (dis)assembly of your furniture during the move, we are happy to assist you with that as well.

What area do you provide service in?

Our services are available across Germany and the Netherlands.

In Germany, you can book at any of our locations in Bonn, Cologne, Stuttgart, Bremen, Leipzig, Essen, Düsseldorf, Dortmund, Berlin, Koblenz, Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt, and Wiesbaden.

Our services can be scheduled in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Eindhoven, and Hague in the Netherlands.

Do you have a handyman or cleaning services?

We provide handymen services in both open and closed spaces. Our professionals can help you with painting, cleaning, assembly, gardening, flooring, and much more.

Do you offer office transportation services?

At Moovick, we strive to provide all-encompassing office relocation solutions, including office transportation, to make your move hassle-free. Moovick for Business office transportation services come with effortless labour and are renowned for their excellent maintenance and expert movers, guaranteeing dependable and secure mobility for your employees.


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